"Sonja and her STRATEGY"


"Was so intimidated by the camera until Adele got behind it and put me totally at ease – it felt like I was talking to and smiling at a friend – at no stage did I feel “camera shy”!

Antonio, who did my make-up, is also such a great person. She made me look beautiful, but I still looked like me!" - Sonja

Sonja's business is called STRATEGY REALISED, and here is a little more about her ...

I am a “glass half full – always!” kinda person. Happiness is a choice and each day I choose just that. I’ve learned to distinguish between what’s really important in life vs. what really wouldn’t make any difference in 5 years’ time! After spending over 22 years of my career in corporate, I started my own business as a marketing consultant in the industry. My business, STRATEGY REALISED, help businesses and brands to uncover and discover what their unique proposition is and then we make sure everything we do in that business or brand, ladders up to that. Having worked on some of South Africa’s most iconic brands such as Ms Ball, KOO, All Gold and Black Cat, understanding consumers and what brands need to do to appeal to them, sits at the heart of what I do. Marketing in its purest forms is my love and passion – and I’m GOOD at it!

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